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Our mission is to engage people while supporting the pollinators and plants in our local environment, with a broader vision to connect those with low-access to underutilized urban green space.

Kyle Leslie-Christy, founder, manages a small collection of urban green spaces utilized for flower farming, biodynamic landscaping, bee research, and urban garden education. 

We grow 100+ different herb & flower varieties in different gardens around Portland Oregon. Pollinator hedges interplanted with flowers and edibles attract a diversity of insects and creates abundance in harvests. The "edge effect" is an ecological concept in permaculture we seek to employ, that describes how there is a greater diversity of life in the region where edges of ecosystems overlap.

Our products are inspired by the knowledge gained and flavors experienced in the garden. The regenerative, reciprocal intention of our farming practices translates into our focus on full life-cycle sustainability of our products.

Seasonally flowers, herbs, and products are available at local markets. Check the events tab for latest market info. For information about landscaping assistance, design, and consulting check the landscaping tab.

What started as an interest in bee & flower photography evolved into a passion in native bee research and rehabilitation. Check out the photography portfolio. Future collaborations with educational institutions and community groups are in the works.

Thank you for your support. For any questions or other inquires email