Our Story

Connecting you to Urban Gardens

PDX Urban Gardens was founded in August 2020 by Kyle Leslie-Christy,
to share what he grew and made from gardens around Portland. This idea
quickly morphed into a desire to create the best herbal infusions combining product
sustainability, human-ecosystem wellness, and intentional community impact.

Our Vision

We believe living reciprocally with our environment is imperative to improving and preserving the health of that which sustains us.
We wish to be a bridge between people and urban ecosystem, allowing nature to heal you and be healed by your intention toward a more sustainable lifestyle. 
By supporting PDX Urban Gardens, you are directly supporting urban gardens near you!


Hi, My name is Kyle. I was born and raised in Portland, OR. In August 2020, I founded PDX Urban Gardens after graduating from Portland State University with a Bachelors of Social Science, Minor in Indigenous Nation Studies.
I have made tea, salves, salsa, candles, walking sticks and various other crafts throughout my life. I have been a lifelong gardener, and now harvest from roughly 1/16 acre worth of garden spaces around Portland.
With PDX Urban Gardens 
handmade lip balms, massage oils, soaps, salsa, teas, and other herbal infusions, I seek to share my knowledge of herbalism, urban farming, and creating eco-social functionality in the local environment.
Update 3/16/2021 - This will be the first season as a beekeeper, this means more buzzing in the garden and future seasonals containing some sustainably harvested bee products! Stay tuned

Product features

Naturally Moisturizing Ingredients

Each lip balm starts with herb infused organic extra virgin olive oil, then is combined with local beeswax and essential oil.

Unique Herbal Flavors

The Love is infused with calendula rose olive oil and ylang ylang essential oil. The Nourish is infused with calendula rose comfrey olive oil and lavender essential oil. The Heal is infused with comfrey yarrow olive oil and yarrow essential oil. 

Sustainable Packaging

These balms are made recognizing the reciprocal relationships found in a garden, thus are compostable in yours.