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Calendula Rose - Massage Oil
Calendula Rose - Massage Oil
Calendula Rose - Massage Oil

Calendula Rose - Massage Oil

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calendula rose infused olive oil*, vitamin e oil*, ylang ylang essential oil


10 ml

Indulge yourself with sensual selfcare

The smooth roll-on application of this massage oil will have you taking time to slow down to enjoy the moment, and feel the love that you know you deserve. Share this experience with a friend, intimate partner, or keep it for yourself.


Made for moisturizing selfcare

The infused olive oil base contains anti-inflammatory properties great for healing and beautifying skin, while reducing the look of scabs and scars. Ylang ylang essential oil provides a light, sweet scent, reminding you of a pond full of lilies. Vitamin E oil adds to the naturally hydrating blend, and ensures this product is built to last. 


Loyal to the soil

Local gardens provide a source for our herbs, an opportunity for education, and an invitation to a more sustainable lifestyle. Our community commitment takes the form of a 3-5% donation of our monthly revenues to a rotating local organization supporting sustainable food systems and food sovereignty initiatives in Portland/PNW.


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Keep away from prolonged periods of heat to maintain quality and consistency. Avoid use of oil-based substances on open wounds as research suggests this can disrupt the healing process and may increase risk of infection.