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Nourish Lip Balm
Nourish Lip Balm

Nourish Lip Balm

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Ingredients: calendula rose comfrey olive oil*, local beeswax, lavender essential oil


0.2 oz balm


For lips, works anywhere

  • Balm is made with herbal infused organic olive oil, local beeswax, and a touch of lavender. 
  • The combination of infused olive oil & beeswax creates a silky smooth, easily applied blend, perfectly complemented with a familiar scent.
  • Calendula, Rose, and Comfrey have all been used medicinally for generations.
  • Calendula has antifungal & antimicrobial properties help prevent infection and heal injuries to body tissues
  • Rose has a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals making it an excellent combatant of acne, redness, & inflammation.
  • Comfrey contains allantoin, a substance that helps new skin cells grow, along with other substances that reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy.


Loyal to the soil, compostable in yours

  • Balm is infused with herbs grown in local gardens/farms, made with a vision it would compost in your gardens.
  • 0.2 oz balms packaged in larger paperboard material = biodegradable
  • Opportunity for education -> source of sustainability


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Keep in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Product may melt if exposed to high heat. Avoid use of oil-based substances on open wounds as research suggests this can disrupt the healing process and may increase risk of infection.