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Yarrow Infused Body Oil

Yarrow Infused Body Oil

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yarrow infused apricot seed oil, yarrow essential oil

2.0 oz

Herb infused skin food formulated for the glow up

Ultra-hydrating massage oil scented with yarrow

Apricot seed oil, used as the base, contains healthy fats and is packed with antioxidants helping to heal blemishes and protect against the elements. Infusing low and slow with yarrow accentuates anti-inflammatory & cell regeneration properties in this oil.

Sharp, herbaceous, yarrow essential oil reminds us of the all-healing action found in the garden.

Suggested Use

Drop a few drops on areas of skin needing moisture, self massage is its own medicine.  

Best results on all skin types. Use within a year.

Keep away from prolonged periods of heat to maintain quality and consistency. Avoid use of oil-based substances on open wounds as research suggests this can disrupt the healing process and may increase risk of infection. 

None of these statements have been reviewed by the FDA.