North Portland Food Forest & Backyard Habitat: The Greenwood Residence Transformation

North Portland Food Forest & Backyard Habitat: The Greenwood Residence Transformation

[Plant List Below] Welcome to the remarkable transformation of the Greenwood Residence into a thriving food forest and backyard habitat. Completed in the fall of 2022, this project exemplifies the perfect balance between producing delicious food and providing a sanctuary for wildlife. Through careful planning, design consultations, and meticulous installation, we have created an oasis that not only benefits birds and bees but also encourages the exploration of edible plants and flowers. Let's dive into the details of this remarkable transformation. 

The journey began with a comprehensive design consultation, during which we worked closely with the client to understand their vision. We delved into the desired design elements, color schemes, and the incorporation of edible and wildlife-friendly components. This collaborative effort ensured that the final project reflected the client's aspirations, while also fostering an environment teeming with life. 

The front and back yards of the Greenwood Residence were initially covered in grass with minimal established plants. To make way for the transformation, we started by removing the grass and unwanted plants in the designated planting areas. Next, we enriched the planting areas with nutrient-rich compost, providing a fertile ground for the diverse array of plant life to thrive. To enhance the visual appeal and define pathways, we repurposed recycled logs from local arborists to frame out the front yard pathways.


Ensuring the sustainability of the food forest and backyard habitat was crucial. To achieve this, we designed and installed an automated irrigation system that would efficiently water all the designated planting areas. This system guarantees that the plants receive the right amount of water for optimal growth and productivity. We sourced and installed various plant materials, including vertical trellises, landscape edging, and water baths, which not only enhanced the aesthetics but also provided additional benefits to the wildlife in the area.

To complete the project, we installed a wood chip pathway that added a rustic charm to the garden, while also serving as a practical and environmentally-friendly solution. Additionally, we seeded the front parking strip with Crimson and Dutch clover, enriching the soil and providing a vibrant ground cover that benefits early pollinators. Through these thoughtful touches, we aimed to create a sustainable and visually pleasing environment.

We have been working closely with the Backyard Habitat program to achieve Platinum Certification. By removing and replacing more grass in the backyard, we are well on our way to meeting the program's stringent requirements. The dedication of the Greenwood Residence to this project and their commitment to sustainability is evident through their decision to enroll in a monthly maintenance schedule, ensuring the ongoing health and prosperity of the food forest and backyard habitat.

The transformation of the Greenwood Residence into a flourishing food forest and backyard habitat not only provides an abundant source of fresh food but also creates a haven for wildlife. Through sustainable practices and dedication to environmental stewardship, we can create thriving ecosystems that benefit both humans and the natural world. The Greenwood Residence stands as a shining example of the positive impact we can make through our collective efforts.

Plant List: Apple tree, Autumn sage, Bald hip rose, Blackcap Raspberry, Bleeding heart, Blueberry, Cascade Oregon grape, Clover, Douglas spirea, Echinacea, Espaliered Pear, Giant hyssop, Goats beard, Golden Raspberry, Golden rod, Hydrangea, Iris tenax, Lilac, Lupine, Maidenhair fern, Mock orange, Red flowering currant, Salmonberry, Salal, Self heal, Snowberry, Strawberry, Sword Fern, Tall Oregon grape, Trillium, Yarrow.

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