Landscaping FAQ

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What Services do you offer?

1. Maintenance & Design Consultations

2. One-Time Cleanups

3. Garden coaching

4. Fruit tree pruning

5. Comprehensive landscape design, installation, & maintenance

What is your service area?

Our service area is usually 20-30 minutes of NE Portland.

What are the stages of a typical project?

Consult, Design, Install

We first start with a consultation with our lead designer for a site walk through, assessing site conditions, determining goals/needs, and visualizing what's possible. After this, we can accurately bid the design costs.

To get rolling on design we require a deposit equaling 1/2 of the overall design fee. Our designers will help expand on your vision, layout a site plan, and create a detailed installation plan. The finished design will include exact labor & materials costs within your budget. You will also find plant attributes, ecosystem services, and how you can interact with this landscape (ex bee/bird watching, edible plants, etc) in this final design plan.

Depending on availability, you can expect this whole process to take between 4-8 weeks.

What are your consultation/coaching rates?

Maintenance/One-time cleanup Consultation & bid: $150/one time visit

Design Consultation & bid: $200/one time

Garden Coaching: $200/hr

*These fees will be added to future projects if you choose us to carry out the project.

What do you charge for regular maintenance?

We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance packages during the growing season (Typically March-November)

*Typically we spend at least two hours per site visit.

If you were a maintenance retainer client, our minimum would be - at least two hours for $200, and $85/hour for any extra hours needed.

What kind of organic pest/weed control do you use?

We use a combination of intensive companion planting to attract beneficial insects that do much of the pest control work, while also using organic methods physical removal and Dr Earth products.

Schedule a consultation! What type of service do you want? What do you want to accomplish?